Bathroom & Housekeeping Products

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Spray and Wipe

Wipe Out

We have taken one of our biggest sellers and added XXXX to make it even better. Wipe Out is a neutral, hard surface cleaner containing a fresh lavender perfume. Removes light to general soiling from a...

Floor Cleaner

Eco Choice Mop 'N' Glow

An excellent combination wash & polish product for the routine maintenance of heavy traffic sealed floors and unsealed light traffic areas. Eco Choice Mop'N'Glow provides amazing results with no rinsi...

Commercial Vinegar

Commercial Vinegar

Vinegar has a thousand uses with the benefits of vinegar now being realised in the cleaning industry. Vinegar is an eco friendly odour remover, window cleaner, disinfectant and surface cleaner.



An ideal safe product for the removal of  hard water scale build up in dishwashers, urns, bain-marie, toilet bowls, showers and stainless steel surfaces.



Lemon On consists of a combination of a powerful disinfectant sanitiser and surface active agents. Itquickly clean and sanitises – leaving behind a pleasing long lasting fragrance. It is free rinsing ...



Cascade is a disinfectant, cleaner and deodoriser. Can be diluted up to 50-1, depending on how dirty the surface to be cleaned is. Dilute 10-1 with water as a room redourant.

Urinal Blocks


Urinal Blocks are dependable and economical odour suppressants and air fresheners for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Biodegradable, slow volatising block reduces odours in urinals. ...

Liquid Hand Soap


Citrus Clean is an abrasive water based hand cleaner designed to remove the toughest grease and dirt.Citrus Clean is formulated with high quality surfactants a powerful degreasing agent that also impa...

Liquid Hand Soap


In Touch is a mild liquid hand soap, containing skin friendly cleaning agents and emollients, designedspecifically for use where cross infection may be of concern. In Touch is a fast acting anti bacte...

Liquid Hand Soap


Gentle Touch is a mild liquid hand soap, containing skin friendly cleaning agents and emollients, designed specifically for use where cross infection may be of concern. Gentle Touch is a fast acting c...

Hand Soap Dispensers


Hand Soap Dispensers 0.9 litre, re-fill able tank, wall mounted. Covered by a 12 month warranty covering faulty materials or workmanship. The Choice Chem system is simple. Buy 5lt of Gentle Touch Soap...

Hand Soap Dispensers


Touch Foams 0.9 litre, re-fill able tank, wall mounted.

Toilet Rolls


'Style' Super Premium 2 ply 400 sheets & 'Style' Premium 2 ply 400 sheets

Hand Towels

Hand Paper Towels (Sheets)

Interleaved 'Optimax' Premium 2 ply 24cm x 30cm 100 sheets per pack or 'Style' premium interfold 23.5cm x 24cm 200 sheets per pack

Hand Towels

Hand Paper Towels (Rolls)

'Style' Cutmatic Roll Towel 20cm x 200m or Premium 18cm x 80m

Toilet Rolls Dispensers

Toilet Roll Dispensers

Triple Roll Polycarbonated or Stainless Steel Dispensers Lockable

Hand Towel Dispensers

Hand Towel Dispensers (Sheets)

Interleaved Hand Towel Dispenser suitable for 24cm x 30cm Sheets. White plastic body with window and Lockable.

Hand Rolltowel Dispenser

Hand Towel Dispensers (Rolls)

Cutmatic Roll Towel Dispenser, Lockable, Automatic cut, Plastic 20cm x 200m. Or White Metal Body 18cm x 80m.

Hand Sanitiser


Hand washing is essential in preventing the spread of illness, however when used alone is not enough to kill bacteria. Antibacterial hand sanitisers work quickly to destroy bacteria, and are easy to u...

Barrier Cream


Skin Moisturiser and Protector. Available in a handy 500ml Pump pack

Shampoo & Body Wash


Apricot Hair & Body is a pleasantly perfumed bodywash and shampoo. It contains rich penetratingmoisturisers which impart a smooth soft feel to hair and skin. A small amount of Apricot Hair & Body Wash

Glass/Window Cleaner


A highly effective glass and mirror cleaner that leaves no streaks. Bright can also be used on stainless steel, vinyl, Chrome and windscreen washer. It is phosphate free and environmentally friendly.

Cream Cleaners


Zest is a non abrasive crème cleanser. Designed to be used as an easy rinsing all-purpose hard surface cleaner. Zest contains a subtle blend of surfactants which help break down grease and a dental gr...



Phosbrite is an organic, acid based cleaner and descaler for use in the removal of rust deposits and hard water scale deposits. It is safe to use on all metals. It is also an excellent detergent that ...

Stain Removers


Battler is a high performance special purpose foaming destainer that actively removes stubborn stains, kills mound, and sanitises. Battler will not scratch like some other powdered cleansers. Soils an...

Toilet Cleaner


Chlor Gel is a thickened, high foaming, chlorinated liquid cleaner formulated to help sanitise while quickly and effectively removing mould and stubborn stains leaving a germ-free, streak-free surface...

Toilet Cleaner


Command is a powerful cleaner designed to sanitise and deodorize toilet bowls & urinals. It is equallyeffective on porcelain and stainless steel. Command can also be used on grouting in tiled areas su...

Toilet Cleaner


Safe Guard is a powerful toilet bowl Cleaner. Spry into the toilet and leave to soak for a few minutesand flush.

Carpet Shampoo


A carpet shampoo that is ideal for use on all carpets where hot water extraction is being used. It can also double as a spot cleaner. It is pH balanced, has a low foaming action and its special formul...

Floor Cleaner


Floor Mop & Glo is great on lightly soiled floors; 150ml Floor Mop & Glo in 5 litres of hot water. Apply with damp clean mop. No rinsing necessary. Allow to dry and buff if required. For heavily soile...

Floor Cleaner


WASH N WAX is a balanced blend of detergents and wax. It is designed to remove grit and grime from floors and replace with a water resistant protective polished finish. Dilute approximately 25mL of Wa...

Floor Cleaner


Crackdown is an exceptional heavy duty floor cleaner. The special blend of caustic and detergents are designed to meet a wide variety of cleaning requirements. Crackdown is especially effective on gre...

Window Cleaner

ECO Bright (new improved formula)

The Eco Bright formula is an alcohol and phosphate free solution that is perfect for all glass and mirrors as well as stainless steel, chrome, vinyl and windscreen washers.

Cedar Oil

Cedar Oil

Cedar oil has been used for centuries because of its bactericidal and pesticidal properties. With a naturally aromatic frangrance, Cedar Oil is perfect for use in natural pesticides, sprays, candles, ...

Floor Cleaner

Citrus Lime

This all natural product shampoo's and deoderise's all fibres. With its powerful leman scent, your carpets will be left softer and smelling fresher.

Odour Remover

Odour Cure

Odour Cure is effective at suppressing airborne and waterborne odour commonly found at waste collection centres, sewerage pumping stations, piggeries, food processing areas and in portable toilets. Od...

Tyre and Vinyl Reviver

Eco Reviver

Eco reviver is specially formulated to protect, enhance and preserve all vinyl and plastic surfaces in all automotive, marine, transport and household applications.

Oven Cleaner

Oven Solve

Cleaning your oven isn’t always a simple case of giving your oven or hot plate a quick spray and rub down with an off the shelf oven cleaner. These types of cleaners contain chemicals specifically des...


Lemon Bleach

Our Lemon Bleach is an all-purpose bleach which whitens and brightens whites, removes difficult stains with ease, kills 99.99% of germs, deodorises, removes mould and soap scum as well as moss & grime...

Laundry Powder

Enzyme Choice

Perfect for use with septic tanks and leach drains, Enzyme choice is an ultra concentrated laundry powder. Tough on dirt and grime but gentle on the earth, Enzyme choice contains no phosphates, chlori...

Laundry Liquid

New DET (improved formula)

New Det is a superior double strength liquid which also contains generous quantities of water softening agents. New Det is especially suited for washing delicate fabrics such as woolens and poly-cotto...

Laundry Powder

Eco Laund

For the best possible results for your ‘on-premises’ or commercial laundry double-strength Ecolaund is the natural choice. It’s a powerful detergent providing superior cleaning power yet its biodegrad...

Fabric Softener

Cuddle Soft

Cuddlesoft is a biodegradable fabric softener/ anti static product that softens & lubricates fabrics thus extending their life. With Cuddlesoft you will have no more ‘clingy-clothes’ – it has a highly...