Eco Friendly Products

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Oven Cleaner

Oven Solve

Cleaning your oven isn’t always a simple case of giving your oven or hot plate a quick spray and rub down with an off the shelf oven cleaner. These types of cleaners contain chemicals specifically des...

Personal Products

Soap Free Hair & Body Wash

Ideal for cleansing and purifying hair and scalp, this gentle formula is pH balanced and designed for use on sensitive skin, while delivering a beautiful healthy finish to your hair. It is soap, frang...

Spray and Wipe

Wipe Out

We have taken one of our biggest sellers and added XXXX to make it even better. Wipe Out is a neutral, hard surface cleaner containing a fresh lavender perfume. Removes light to general soiling from a...


Eco Kleen

Eco Kleen is a non caustic, water soluble, heavy duty and general purpose cleaner for the safe removal of grease and oil. Made from sustainable resources, Eco Kleen leads the field in environmentally ...

Heavy Duty Equipment Cleaner

Total Machine Clean / Eco Acid

Traditional acid based cleaners not only damage your equipment but are dangerous to your staff and the environment. Eco Acid is a bio degradable alternative that actually works in removing scale, rust...

Floor Cleaner

Eco Choice Mop 'N' Glow

An excellent combination wash & polish product for the routine maintenance of heavy traffic sealed floors and unsealed light traffic areas. Eco Choice Mop'N'Glow provides amazing results with no rinsi...

Soil Wetting Agent

Choice Soil

Choice Soil wetting Agent is a 100% active non-ionic wetting agent formulated to remain effective in the soil throughout the growing season when using a single high rate of application. This product a...

Laundry Powder

Enzyme Choice

Perfect for use with septic tanks and leach drains, Enzyme choice is an ultra concentrated laundry powder. Tough on dirt and grime but gentle on the earth, Enzyme choice contains no phosphates, chlori...

Truck Wash

Eco Choice Truck Wash

Eco Choice Truck wash has been developed in Australia as a heavy duty cleaner designed to deal with the toughest grime and dirt. Its not caustic and contains no solvents – but its powerful foam has an...

Laundry Liquid

New DET (improved formula)

New Det is a superior double strength liquid which also contains generous quantities of water softening agents. New Det is especially suited for washing delicate fabrics such as woolens and poly-cotto...

Laundry Powder

Eco Laund

For the best possible results for your ‘on-premises’ or commercial laundry double-strength Ecolaund is the natural choice. It’s a powerful detergent providing superior cleaning power yet its biodegrad...

Asphalt Remover

BARC Bitumen & Asphalt Remover & Cleaner

BARC is a bitumen and asphalt remover. Which is environmentally safe. Derived from natural edible plant oils, and are free of VOC and the customary traditional solvents. BARC has a similar molecular s...

Softeners/Scouring Agents


Cuddle soft is a biodegradable fabric softener/ anti static product that softens & lubricates fabrics thusextending their life. With Cuddle soft you will have no more ‘clingy-clothes’ – it’s got a hig...

Barrier Cream

Barrier Cream

Barrier cream provides your skin with a short term shield to protect it from potentially harmful contaminants. Barrier cream also contains ingredients that keep moisture in the skin to keep it moist.

Commercial Vinegar

Commercial Vinegar

Vinegar has a thousand uses with the benefits of vinegar now being realised in the cleaning industry. Vinegar is an eco friendly odour remover, window cleaner, disinfectant and surface cleaner.

Beer Line Cleaner

Hydro Clean

For any quality of drink including soft drink, water, spirits, beer, wine or champagne, no item is more important than the glass. You wouldn't want to drink from a dirty glass but that is what we some...

Window Cleaner

ECO Bright (new improved formula)

The Eco Bright formula is an alcohol and phosphate free solution that is perfect for all glass and mirrors as well as stainless steel, chrome, vinyl and windscreen washers.

Cedar Oil

Cedar Oil

Cedar oil has been used for centuries because of its bactericidal and pesticidal properties. With a naturally aromatic frangrance, Cedar Oil is perfect for use in natural pesticides, sprays, candles, ...

Floor Cleaner

Citrus Lime

This all natural product shampoo's and deoderise's all fibres. With its powerful leman scent, your carpets will be left softer and smelling fresher.

Odour Remover

Odour Cure

Odour Cure is effective at suppressing airborne and waterborne odour commonly found at waste collection centres, sewerage pumping stations, piggeries, food processing areas and in portable toilets. Od...

Tyre and Vinyl Reviver

Eco Reviver

Eco reviver is specially formulated to protect, enhance and preserve all vinyl and plastic surfaces in all automotive, marine, transport and household applications.