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Eco Kleen

Eco Kleen is a non caustic, water soluble, heavy duty and general purpose cleaner for the safe removal of grease and oil. Made from sustainable resources, Eco Kleen leads the field in environmentally ...

Heavy Duty Equipment Cleaner

Total Machine Clean / Eco Acid

Traditional acid based cleaners not only damage your equipment but are dangerous to your staff and the environment. Eco Acid is a bio degradable alternative that actually works in removing scale, rust...

Soil Wetting Agent

Choice Soil

Choice Soil wetting Agent is a 100% active non-ionic wetting agent formulated to remain effective in the soil throughout the growing season when using a single high rate of application. This product a...

Truck Wash

Eco Choice Truck Wash

Eco Choice Truck wash has been developed in Australia as a heavy duty cleaner designed to deal with the toughest grime and dirt. Its not caustic and contains no solvents – but its powerful foam has an...



Phosbrite is an organic, acid based cleaner and descaler for use in the removal of rust deposits and hard water scale deposits. 

Releasing Agent (for Concrete & Asphalt)

Load Release

Load Release is a completely bio degradable alternative, the application of Load Release provides an active film designed specifically to reduce the adhesion of concrete, asphalt and bitumen to surfac...

Asphalt Remover

BARC Bitumen & Asphalt Remover & Cleaner

BARC is a bitumen and asphalt remover. Which is environmentally safe. Derived from natural edible plant oils, and are free of VOC and the customary traditional solvents. BARC has a similar molecular s...

Waste Dispersant

Bio 8 Liquid

Efficient removal of organic effluent including BOD, COD, TDS, faecal coli forms. Biological breakdown of fats, oils, grease, proteins and starches in waste water. Reduce sludge in sewage ponds, fat b...

Distilled Water


Distilled Water is passed through a filtration process during which minerals are removed. Clear, coulourless and odourless liquid, Non-Hazardous, can be used with most Coolants.

Methylated Spirits


Methylated Spirits is also known as Industrial Methylated Spirits and IMS95. 95% industrial ethanol commonly used as a general purpose cleaner and a component of many chemical cleaning formulations.

Rust & Corrosion Remover


Exit Rust is a water based rust converter and is environmentally friendly. Exit Rust reacts with rust to create stable surfaces of iron tannate, haematite and magnetite and forms a strong organic matr...

Moisture Protector Lubricant


AC Lubricant is a multi-purpose product designed to displace moisture, penetrate rusted parts and lubricate otherwise inaccessible places and engine parts. AC Lubricant stops annoying squeaking; it cl...



Gorilla is a tremendously powerful blend of chemicals specially formulated to tackle the toughest, hardened food waste, greases, fats and stains from hard working ovens, grills and hot plates. Its ble...



Super Kleen Plus is a economical and effective multi-purpose degreaser and cleaner which can be used in a wide range of applications such as removing grease and grime from walls, doors, food preparati...



Sure Kleen is a economical and effective multi-purpose degreaser and cleaner which can be used in a wide range of applications such as removing grease and grime from walls, doors, food preparation ben...



Big Wash is a solvent free water based degreasing detergent for hand or machine washing of trucks, cars, buses and farm machinery. Big Wash is manufactured from a blend of high foam surfactants and em...



Exit Grease is a multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser. It can be used for heavy duty degreasing of floors, walls, food preparation benches and toilets as well as an effective oven and grill cleaner & g...