Asphalt Release Agent Formula – Load Release


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Load Release, the powerful and very efficient asphalt release agent is truly a leader in the market, outperforming kerosene, diesel and water based polymers, all the while using a fraction of releasing agent to do a superior job. Load Release can also be used as a roller release agent for the anti adhesion of bitumastic products to pneumatic and steel rollers.

Load Release has several uses and one is as a Roller Release Agent provides an active film designed specifically to reduce the adhesion of aggregates to surfaces allowing them to slide over the surface. Designed to work very effectively as an anti adhesion measure to stop pick up of Asphalts and aggregates on roller compactors.

This very economically and long lasting treatment is able to replace the Release agents that consume large volumes of water, and other emulsions, due to its concentrated nature and not relying water to coat the rollers the user is able to use as little as 5 Litres to sufficiently treat the rollers in a 100 tonne or 1800Sqm area.

Load release should be used sparingly its long lasting anti adhesion properties result in the roller maintaining its maximum temperature, resulting in a smooth pick up free surface that is not possible with emulsions and surfactants.


  • Is safe and easy to use.
  • Is 100% biodegradable.
  • Even coverage can be achieved.
  • Very low levels of contamination with asphalt.
  • No degradation of asphalt.
  • Non-volatile.
  • Reduces cleaning costs.