Case Study: T1000-DTW Dirty Tank Wash

The Colas Group is a major French civil engineering firm specialising in road construction and rail track construction. They are backed by a workforce of 61,000 people globally.

Traditionally the mobile bitumen spray trucks were cleaned every year by a man entry system. This high risk method was taking up to two weeks to complete and costing over $15,000 per truck.


  • Achieved cost savings of over 40%
  • Reduction in time by over 50%
  • Near complete elimination of site safety risk


T1000-DTW has been successfully used for over 15 years in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, South Africa, and Turkey. References can be furnished upon request. Please get in touch to discuss if this product is suitable for your business or project requirements.

Findings from a ‘no-man entry’ bituminous/ asphalt tank cleaning with T1000-DTW in Singapore

The tank to be cleaned was 35metres in diameter and 19metres in height. It contained a product that consisted of bitumen / asphalt. The entire tank needed to be thoroughly cleaned and fit to store diesel, different from the existing use. The tank had last been cleaned 2 years prior.


  • Reduction in manpower of 61%
  • 70% reduction in the number of days required to complete cleaning the entire tank
  • No scaffolding required


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