Hygiene Products and Benefits for Safe Food Handling


Everyone who handles food needs to recognise the importance of Good Hygiene and Cleaning Practices. Begin by making the right Choice.


Century has been developed specifically for the food processing industry. Century is a high foaming product that has been widely tested and has proven to be the future bench mark for this type of product.

  • Non Caustic Century is low a alkali making it the only effective cleaner & sanitiser of its kind. The obvious advantages are Occupational health & safety, plant maintenance/longevity and effluent damage or cost.
  • Not classified corrosive. Century if used as directed would not harm the user or the soft metals (alluminium, galvanising etc) that it is used on).
  • High foaming Century is extremely high foaming thus allowing longer contact time. The benefits of this are less scrubbing and better bacterial control.
  • Low use rates. Century has been tested at rates 25% lower than most of its rivals and has performed better every time. Century will reduce the cost of cleaning & sanitising.


Cansan is a high concentrate no rinse sanitiser capable of surface sanitising at dilutions up to 240 –1.

  • Foamable Cansan can be applied via any normal foaming applicator without the need for foaming agents.
  • Foggable Cansan can be applied via a fixed fogger or the Choice hand fogger.
  • 3- At such high dilutions Cansan can be left on food contacting surfaces to dry without needing to be rinsed prior to use.


In Touch is a natural hand soap that is made from premium grades of natural oils and surfactants.

  • Hands will not only be clean but smooth and moist as In Touch will not dry the skin.
  • In touch has a controlled viscosity as it has been produced to be used in temperature controlled environments. It will not thicken when cooled but remain constant allowing the same measure each time it is used (no over use or under use)
  • Incorporated in the product is an ingredient called Triclosan. Triclosan is a sanitiser for use on the skin and therefore dose away with sanitising gels etc.
ChoiceChem is committed to providing quality solutions

Our cleaning and hygiene systems guarantee the best results, while providing the most cost efficient methods available. Our level of service and technical advice will ensure a clean, sanitised, operating environment. We offer professional advice on safe and effective systems. That is our commitment to the food processing industry. If you are looking to improve results in your business, Choice Chem will provide the quality solutions.

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