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ALKALAUND – Alkali Booster

Introducing Alkalaund – Your Alkali Booster for Top-Quality Commercial Laundry Results!

Experience the power of Alkalaund, meticulously formulated as an alkali booster to deliver outstanding results in commercial laundry systems.

Enriched with a generous amount of water softeners, Alkalaund alkali booster effectively tackles the staining caused by hard water, ensuring pristine and spotless laundry every time.

Prepare for exceptional economy and efficiency with Alkalaund a highly concentrated alkali booster formula. Fewer drum changeovers are needed, saving you time and resources.

Rest assured, Alkalaund is a versatile solution, performing brilliantly in all water conditions. No matter the water quality, you can rely on consistent and reliable results.

Infused with an ample dose of water-softening agents, this alkali booster takes a proactive approach in combatting the unsightly stains triggered by hard water. By working harmoniously with your detergent, it counteracts the mineral build-up that leads to dull fabrics.

Experience immaculate laundry each and every cycle, as this booster’s potent formulation ensures the eradication of hard water-induced blemishes.

Discover the strength of a concentrated alkali booster as it aids in removing tough soils during heavy wash cycles. Say goodbye to stubborn stains and hello to impeccable laundry.

Unlock the power of Alkalaund but remember – a little goes a long way. Avoid overuse and measure only with the provided scoop. For a large laundry load, a single measure of Alkalaund is sufficient to deliver remarkable results. For added convenience and precision, use via an automatic dispenser.

Choose from our range of convenient packaging sizes to suit your needs:


Embrace the clarity of a clear and odourless liquid, showcasing the powerful cleaning properties of this highly concentrated alkali booster formula.

Unleash the potential of your fabrics and witness your commercial laundry system achieve top-quality results. Trust in the efficacy of this alkali booster, leaving your laundry spotless and free from hard water staining.

Make the switch today and experience the transformation of your commercial laundry routine. For inquiries or to order your supply of Alkalaund, contact us at the provided details above.

Alkalaund – Where powerful cleaning and spotless laundry unite for exceptional results!




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5L, 15L, 20L