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BARC – Bitumen, Asphalt Remover & Cleaner

BARC – Bitumen, Asphalt Remover & Cleaner– Your Eco-Friendly Solution for Asphalt Removal

BARC presents a game-changing environmental solution for removing stubborn bitumen, asphalt, and heavy grease.

Unlike traditional solvents, BARC is a highly effective and low-cost option, derived primarily from natural edible plant oils.

This unique composition makes it free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other harmful substances, addressing environmental concerns associated with asphalt removal.

The mode of action behind BARC’s ( BITUMEN & ASPHALT REMOVER & CLEANER ) success lies in its molecular similarities to asphalt and bitumen. This similarity allows BARC to quickly penetrate between the contaminants and the surface, creating an active liquid layer that physically lifts the asphalt or bitumen away.

Furthermore, BARC’s unique attribute is its substantive nature to surfaces, leaving an invisible molecular film that inhibits further build-up of asphalt or bitumen. This not only ensures efficient cleaning but also makes future maintenance easier, ultimately saving valuable time and costs.

BARC’s effective dissolving process, though derived from vegetable oils, chemically resembles asphalt and bitumen, aiding in the dissolving action. Equipped with the latest technology organic surfactants, BARC ensures surfaces are left clean without any visible residue when rinsed with clean water.

The advantages of using BARC are numerous. It is safe and easy to use, boasting a 100% biodegradable formula that poses no harm to the environment. Unlike other solutions, BARC requires no mixing, and its versatile viscosity makes it suitable for both coating and cleaning equipment, even in enclosed spaces. Notably, there is no need for specialized ventilation, as BARC emits no carcinogenic fumes.

BARC’s compatibility with most oils, both synthetic and natural, expands its applications beyond asphalt removal. It is highly effective in cleaning workshop and factory floors and can be employed to handle spillages of bitumen on kerbs and pavements.

Emphasizing its environmental merits, BARC is meticulously designed to be both chemically and biologically degradable. The 100% biodegradable composition, sourced from edible oil, ensures that natural microbes can break it down into non-polluting components. With a very high flashpoint (> 150 ºC), it can be safely used around working machinery without any concerns. Moreover, BARC does not require pre-dilution with water, simplifying the cleaning process while maintaining its effectiveness.

In conclusion, BARC – Bitumen, Asphalt Remover & Cleaner is an eco-friendly marvel, revolutionizing asphalt removal with its powerful, non-toxic, and biodegradable formula. It effectively dissolves asphalt and bitumen, leaving surfaces clean and free from visible residues. With its wide range of applications and environmental consciousness, BARC – Bitumen, Asphalt Remover & Cleaner is an essential addition to any cleaning arsenal. Trust BARC to provide you with a safer, cleaner, and more sustainable solution for asphalt and grease removal, ensuring a healthier planet for generations to come.



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