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BIO 8 LIQUID – Wastewater Treatment

Bio 8 Liquid, the ultimate solution for restoring microbial balance in aerobic conditions.

Bio 8 Liquid is a concentrated blend of environmentally friendly bacteria that has proven to be the most effective approach to controlling waste problems and achieving optimal microbial balance.

Let us delve into the benefits, features, applications, and the scientific basis of this remarkable product.

Effective Odour Reduction: Bio 8 Liquid tackles the issue of unpleasant odours associated with waste problems.

Bio 8 Liquid is a powerful bacterial formula targets and eliminates odour-causing compounds, providing a fresh and clean environment.

Safe, Natural, and Environmentally Sustainable: We are committed to promoting eco-friendly solutions. Bio 8 Liquid offers a safe and natural approach to waste management, ensuring minimal environmental impact while effectively controlling waste-related issues.

Proven in Multiple Industrial Applications: Bio 8 Liquid has a track record of success across various industrial sectors. Its efficacy has been tested and demonstrated in numerous applications, making it a trusted choice for waste management needs.

Simple to Apply: Applying Bio 8 Liquid is a straightforward process, ensuring ease of use for all users. With clear instructions and a user-friendly approach, anyone can utilise its benefits without complexity.

Efficient Removal of Organic Effluent: Bio 8 Liquid excels at removing organic effluent, including Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), and faecal coliforms. It provides a comprehensive solution for treating wastewater.

Biological Breakdown of Organic Waste: Fats, oils, grease, proteins, and starches present in wastewater are effectively broken down by the powerful bacteria in Bio 8 Liquid. It ensures efficient waste degradation and prevents the accumulation of harmful substances.

Reduction of Sludge, Fat Build-up, and Blocked Drains: Bio8 Liquid aids in reducing sludge in sewage ponds, curbing fat build-up, and preventing blocked drains. By maintaining a healthy microbial balance, it minimizes the chances of blockages and system failures.


Highly Concentrated Aerobic and Facultative Bacteria: Bio 8 harnesses the power of highly concentrated aerobic and facultative bacteria. This combination makes it the most effective method for breaking down organic waste and controlling odours.

Accelerated Degradation of Organic Compounds: Whether in aerobic or anaerobic wastewater conditions, Bio8 Liquid accelerates the degradation of proteins, fats, oils, and greases. Its versatile nature ensures optimal performance regardless of the waste treatment system.

Long Shelf Life: Bio 8 Liquid remains viable for 12 months when stored in a cool (10-40˚C) and dark place. This longevity ensures that the product maintains its effectiveness for an extended period, providing reliable results when needed.

Where to Use:

Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Ponds, Tanks, and Lagoons: Bio 8 is designed to restore microbial balance and enhance waste treatment efficiency in aerobic wastewater treatment systems. It optimizes performance in ponds, tanks, and lagoons, enabling effective treatment of organic waste.

Sewage Treatment Systems: Including Bio 8 Liquid in sewage treatment systems ensures the restoration and maintenance of a healthy microbial state. It counteracts the effects of solvents and changes in waste composition, allowing the system to perform at its best.

Intensive Animal and Food Processing Industries: Bio 8 is particularly beneficial for intensive animal and food processing industries. It aids in the efficient breakdown of waste, minimizing environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices.

Winery and Breweries: Wineries and breweries can significantly benefit from Bio 8, as it plays a vital role in remediating wastewater. By effectively treating wastewater, it helps these industries adhere to environmental regulations and reduce their ecological footprint.

Grease Traps: For grease traps, an initial charge of 5 liters of Bio 8 is recommended, followed by a weekly addition of 1 liter. This application ensures proper maintenance and prevents the accumulation of fats, oils, and grease, which can lead to clogged drains and system failures.

Why Choose Bio 8 Liquid

Microbial inoculation is crucial for supplementing waste treatment systems with significant numbers of microbial strains. Bio 8 restores the microbial state that may be affected by changes in waste composition or offensive odours. It provides a reliable solution to maintain an active bioremediation process during high load periods or constant fresh inflows. By replenishing the indigenous microbial population with effective cultures, Bio 8 Liquid ensures the continuous breakdown of waste, resulting in an efficient and sustainable waste management system.

How Bio 8 Works

Bio 8 Liquid supplies capable microbes that degrade inhibitive compounds and work synergistically with the existing indigenous microbes in an aerobic wastewater treatment system. The formulation of microbial strains in Bio 8 is the result of extensive research and ongoing development. These strains have proven effective in bioremediating human, animal, and commercial wastewater, offering a scientifically backed solution to waste management challenges.

Choose Bio 8 Liquid for its exceptional performance, eco-friendly nature, and reliable results. Experience the power of concentrated bacteria to restore microbial balance, control odours, and effectively manage waste problems in various applications.




Available Litre

5L, 20L, 200L, 1000L