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BLEACH 12% – Bleach

Introducing Bleach 12: Your Versatile Concentrated Chlorine Solution for Total Hygiene

Bleach 12 is a powerful concentrated chlorine solution specifically designed for various applications, making it an ideal choice for food processing areas, food preparation benches, bathrooms, showers, and more.

With its sanitising properties and mould and mildew removal capabilities, Bleach 12 delivers a total hygiene package, reducing cleaning time and ensuring a safe and clean environment.

One of the key advantages of Bleach 12 is its concentrated base, providing exceptional flexibility in its areas of use and enhancing overall economy. Whether it’s sanitising food preparation surfaces or tackling mould and mildew in bathrooms, this concentrated solution offers reliable results while optimising product usage.

Bleach 12 excels in both sanitising and de-staining, streamlining your cleaning process by effectively tackling multiple tasks in one action. This comprehensive approach ensures a thorough hygiene regimen, making it a trusted ally in maintaining a safe and healthy environment.

A standout feature of this concentrated Bleach is in its remarkable capacity to perform seamlessly in cold water, doing away with the need for heated water. Even when used with cold water, Bleach 12 excels in achieving an equally high standard of sanitation as when used with hot water, ensuring an uncompromised level of hygiene.

This capability not only conserves energy but also introduces a sense of ease and adaptability across multiple scenarios. By erasing the need for heated water, it reduces environmental impact but also extends convenience and versatility, redefining the parameters of effective and eco-conscious cleaning practices.

In summary, Bleach 12 is your go-to solution for a wide range of cleaning and sanitising needs. Its concentrated base ensures economy and versatility, while its one-action sanitising and de-staining properties save time and effort.

The ability to work effectively with cold water adds to its convenience and efficiency.

Trust Bleach 12 to provide a total hygiene package, keeping your food processing areas, preparation benches, bathrooms, and showers spotlessly clean and free from contaminants.




Available Litre

5L, 20L, 200L, 1000L