Food Processing & Hospitality

CANSAN – Sanitiser / Cleaner

Introducing Cansan, a powerful all-purpose cleaner and sanitiser designed for various environments such as food preparation areas, hospitals, and veterinary practices.

Cansan is a concentrated quaternary disinfectant that ensures bacteria counts are kept at the lowest possible levels.

It is the ideal solution for sanitising floors, walls, benches, and processing equipment, providing the highest standard of cleanliness required in hospital-grade sanitisation.

Cansan Is Highly Concentrated with Superior Bacteria Control: Cansan’s concentrated formula ensures that bacteria counts are effectively minimized, providing a hygienic and safe environment.

No Food Taint or Surface Build-Up: With Cansan, there is no risk of tainting food or leaving residue on surfaces. It cleans thoroughly without compromising the quality of food preparation or causing build-up on various surfaces.

Low Foaming, Non-Perfumed, and No Rinsing Required: Cansan offers convenience with its low foaming and non-perfumed properties. It does not require rinsing after application, saving time and effort. Although minimal streaking may occur, it does not impact its efficacy.

Long Shelf Life: Cansan is a long-lasting solution, with a shelf life of two years. This ensures its effectiveness and reliability even after extended periods of storage.

Suitable for Fogger Application: Cansan can be applied using a fogger, allowing for easy and efficient coverage of large areas.


To use Cansan effectively, dilute it at a ratio of 10mL per liter of water and apply it to the surface. Scrubbing may be necessary for stubborn stains or dirt. Allow the solution to remain on the surface for a minimum of 15 minutes. While rinsing is not necessary, some streaking may occur, which does not affect its sanitisation properties.

Choose Cansan as your trusted all-purpose cleaner and sanitiser for superior hygiene and cleanliness. Its concentrated formula, long-lasting performance, and ease of application make it the ideal choice for food preparation areas, hospitals, veterinary practices, and other environments where a high level of sanitisation is essential.


Available Litre

5L, 15L, 20L, 200L