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CENTURY – Multipurpose Cleaner

Introducing Century: The High-Foam Cleaner with Safe Soft Metal Protection

Century sets a new standard in cleaning efficiency, combining a blend of powerful cleansers, including caustic agents, chlorine, and sequestrants, into a single high-foam cleaner.

This specially formulated solution also features a unique corrosion inhibitor, making it tough on protein and fat deposits while ensuring the utmost protection for soft metals commonly used in process lines.

Perfectly designed for busy processing plants, Century – Multipurpose Cleaner delivers heavy-duty cleaning power without compromising the integrity of soft metals, such as aluminium. Unlike some harsh cleaners, Century contains 5% available chlorine, ensuring superior cleaning and disinfecting capabilities.

One of Century’s standout features is its remarkable ability to easily dissolve residues, ensuring efficient cleaning and leaving equipment surfaces spotless. The high-foam quality of Century revolutionises the cleaning experience by extending the contact time required to combat even the most tenacious residues and grime. This unique characteristic amplifies its efficacy, allowing it to work deeply into crevices and corners, effortlessly dissolving away tough deposits.

As a versatile Multipurpose Cleaner, Century’s capabilities extend beyond the removal of stubborn grime. It also stands as a trustworthy disinfectant, providing a comprehensive solution for both cleaning and hygiene needs. This dual functionality translates to a simplified cleaning routine, where a single product embodies the power to ensure cleanliness and promote hygiene simultaneously.

By adding Century – Multipurpose Cleaner into your cleaning routine, you’re not only enhancing the results but also optimising your efforts. This all-in-one solution streamlines the process, ultimately conserving your precious time and energy.

Century’s economic value is another advantage, as it offers cost-effective cleaning solutions for busy meat processing plants. Its powerful formulation means you can achieve outstanding results with minimal product usage, further enhancing its efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

In summary, Century is the go-to solution for busy processing plants, delivering heavy-duty cleaning power while safeguarding the soft metals used in process lines. Its high-foam formula allows for prolonged contact time and easy residue dissolution, making cleaning tasks efficient and effective.

With 5% available chlorine, it provides reliable disinfection along with its cleaning prowess. Trust Century to provide an economical and safe solution, keeping your equipment spotless and your meat processing plant operating at its best.




Available Litre

5L, 20L, 200L, 1000L