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OXYLAUND – Detergent

Introducing Oxylaund: The Double Strength Laundry Detergent Powder for Superior Cleaning

Oxylaund stands as a remarkable double strength laundry detergent powder, embodying outstanding quality and efficiency.

Whether for domestic or commercial machines, this detergent delivers powerful cleaning performance, ensuring pristine laundry results with every wash.

Oxylaund contains safe oxygen bleach for extra whitening power on whites and colours.

It also acts as a sanitiser when used as a soaker for nappies and badly stained garments.

Designed to cater to both whites and coloured fabrics, Oxylaund double strength laundry detergent powder features safe oxygen bleach, offering extra whitening power without compromising the integrity of your fabrics. Moreover, it doubles as a sanitizing agent when used as a soaker for heavily stained garments and nappies, tackling tough stains with ease.

Oxylaund’s exceptional cleaning power is matched by its environmental responsibility. It is biodegradable and phosphate-reduced, making it an environmentally friendly choice that minimises its impact on nature. Additionally, its compatibility with septic tank systems ensures a safe and responsible approach to laundry care.

Versatility is one of Oxylaund’s key strengths, as it is suitable for use with both white and coloured laundry loads. Whether you have bright whites or vibrant colours, Oxylaund’s powerful formula guarantees a thorough clean and vibrant results.

This powerful detergent is also compatible with both top-loading and front-loading washing machines, offering convenience and ease of use for various machine types.

Oxylaund’s medium foaming nature strikes a perfect balance, ensuring effective cleaning without excessive suds. This not only contributes to its powerful cleaning capabilities but also enhances its economy, as it requires less water for rinsing.

For ultimate laundry care, we recommend combining Oxylaund with CUDDLE SOFT fabric softener. Together, they form a winning duo, providing your laundry with superior cleaning, delightful softness, and a fresh, clean fragrance.

In conclusion, Oxylaund is your go-to solution for superior laundry cleaning, suitable for both domestic and commercial use. Its double strength formula, coupled with safe oxygen bleach, guarantees exceptional cleaning and whitening power. The detergent’s biodegradable and environmentally friendly composition ensures responsible laundry care, while its compatibility with septic tank systems adds to its appeal. Trust Oxylaund for remarkable laundry results, maintaining the vibrancy of your whites and colours, and enjoy the convenience of using it in various washing machine types.

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