Industrial & Mining

RED ROAR – Heavy Duty Equipment Cleaner

Red Roar is a biodegradable, thickened cleaner, which works by removing scale; rust and dirt build up on all types of industrial and commercial equipment and plant.

Red Roar will work best if loose dirt, grease and oils are removed first using Exit Grease or any of our cleaners/degreasers. Use Red Roar to remove iron stains, calcium build-up, lime scale, stains, discolouration, aluminium oxide, salt and corrosion on glass, stainless steel, painted surfaces and aluminium. Red Roar quickly foams and rinses away freely.

Use Red Roar as a spray-on/rinse-off application for truck/fleet washing or as an acid wash bath. Red Roar can also be used to remove brake and rail dust from rims, side rails and painted surfaces. It can be diluted with water to remove light soiling.