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RED ROAR – Heavy Duty Equipment Cleaner

Introducing RED ROAR: Your Powerful Acid Cleaner, Brightener, and Acid Truck Wash Solution

RED ROAR is a robust and versatile product designed to tackle the toughest cleaning challenges in industrial and fleet washing applications.

As a thickened foaming acid cleaner and brightener, RED ROAR is formulated to remove stubborn dirt, grease, oils, and various contaminants from a wide range of surfaces.

To ensure optimal results, it is recommended to pre-clean surfaces using Exit Grease or other cleaners and degreasers, tailored to your specific needs.

RED ROAR is an exceptional acid cleaner is a reliable solution for eliminating iron stains, calcium build-up, lime scale, discoloration, aluminum oxide, salt, and corrosion from glass, stainless steel, painted surfaces, aluminum, and other metals. RED ROAR’s powerful foaming action quickly attacks the grime, making it easy to rinse away.

While RED ROAR rinses freely, certain conditions, such as stubborn iron stains or incomplete rinsing, may leave behind a residue. In such cases, the residue can be effortlessly removed using a low-alkali detergent neutralizing rinse, like a diluted solution of Exit Grease at a ratio of 50-1.

Moreover, RED ROAR is formulated with organic acids and corrosion inhibitors, ensuring a thorough clean while safeguarding against flash rusting after the cleaning process. Its corrosion inhibitors protect metal surfaces from rapid rust formation, extending the life of your equipment and fleet.

This versatile product is ideal for various applications, including spray-on rinse-off truck fleet washing and cleaning equipment or plant machinery. It is also highly effective in removing brake and rail dust from rims, side rails, and painted surfaces.

When working with RED ROAR, it’s essential to consider the level of contamination and adjust the concentration accordingly. For lighter soils, the product can be diluted with water, though it is recommended to perform a small test on an inconspicuous area first to determine the appropriate dilution ratio.

To achieve streak-free results, it’s crucial to follow a top-to-bottom cleaning approach. Applying too much of the product may lead to streaking on surfaces, so using the correct amount is vital for optimal outcomes.

For the best results, RED ROAR should be applied to a dry surface. This allows the product to penetrate more effectively and work its magic on the targeted contaminants, ensuring a thorough and efficient cleaning process.

In summary, RED ROAR is the ultimate solution for tough acid cleaning and brightening tasks, and it’s perfect for acid truck washes and fleet washing applications. Its remarkable foaming action, organic acids, and corrosion inhibitors make it a reliable partner in battling stubborn stains, grime, and corrosion on various surfaces. Trust RED ROAR to provide you with the pristine and polished results you desire while preserving the longevity of your equipment and vehicles.


Available Litre

20L, 200L