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BARC - Bitumen Removal and Cleaning

BARC is derived primarily from natural edible plant oils therefore are free of VOC and the customary traditional solvents making this technology now available to address the environmental issues surrounding the removal of bitumen, asphalt and heavy duty grease.

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Choice Chem has developed an all-natural sanitising product comprising non-toxic ingredients, manufactured in Perth Western Australia.

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Load Release

Load Release, the powerful and very efficient asphalt release agent is truly a leader in the market, outperforming kerosene, diesel and water based polymers, all the while using a fraction of releasing agent to do a superior job. Load Release can also be used as a roller release agent for the anti adhesion of bitumastic products to pneumatic and steel rollers.

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Good Hygiene and Cleaning Practices. Begin by making the right Choice!

Everyone who handles food needs to recognise the importance of Good Hygiene and Cleaning Practices. Begin by making the right Choice!

Choicechem have a wide range of cleaning chemicals specifically for the food industry.

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laundry powder vs liquid

Liquid or Powdered Laundry Detergent?

Australians, on average, do about two and a half loads of laundry per person per week, according to water conservation analysts. That can eat up about 22 percent of your household’s water use, and if you’re not using the right type of detergent, you could be wasting even more water in the form of overly diluted liquids or extra rinse cycles to remove powder residues from your clothes. The same numbers would equate into industry whether it be prisons, hotels, motels or anywhere else washing is done. There are plenty of detergent brands to choose from, but if you're trying to save resources on washing, a good start is to think about whether you should be using powder detergents or liquid detergents.

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